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Living longer often tips the balance of healthy living, and is punctuated with incidental events. Our quality of life can be altered for many reasons: aging, chronic illness, trauma and disease, and there is often no curative solution.

All disciplines under one roof

Our primary goal is to find better ways to repair tissue, restore function or replace cells in order to cure previously untreatable conditions. The Regenerative Medicine Center Utrecht brings together the largest mass of researchers in The Netherlands working in this diverse field.

In Utrecht, we have the full bench to bedside capability and focus on three areas: CardioRenal Tissue Regeneration, Musculoskeletal Tissue Regeneration and Stem Cell & Organoid Biology. These are supported by a variety of technologies, including biofabrication, gene editing, proteomics and imaging. We have the capacity to combine scientific findings with advanced technologies in order to create novel therapeutic benefit for both human and animal patients. 

Building Bridges in Regenerative Medicine

Prof. Bart Spee & Prof. Jos Malda

We spoke with Prof. Bart Spee and Prof. Jos Malda, chair and vice-chair of the thematic community Regenerative Medicine. Spee is known for his contributions to veterinary pathology and regenerative medicine and has a strong passion for finding solutions to medical problems. Malda is a globally recognized expert in biofabrication and regenerative medicine, with an impressive track record in both fundamental and applied research.

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