IMAU publications 2022


P.D. Nooteboom - 21 February 2022 - There and back again. The journey of sinking marine microplankton and its implication for past, present and future climate - Promotor: prof. dr. H.A. Dijkstra, Copromotor: dr. A.S. Von der Heydt 

A. Jüling - 7  March 2022 - Climate Variability and Response in High-Resolution Earth System Models - Promotor: prof. dr. ir. H.A. Dijkstra, Copromotor: dr. A.S. Von der Heydt 

M. Menoud - 21 March 2022 - Isotopic characterisation of atmospheric methane at different locations in Europe - Promotor prof. dr. T. Roeckmann, Copromotor dr. D. Lowry 

Maazallahi, H. - 27 September 2022 – Detection, attribution and quantification of methane emissions using mobile measurement techniques in European cities – Promotor: prof. dr. T. Roeckmann; Co-promotor: dr. H. Denier van der Gon 

Wang, J. - 7 December 2022 - Hydrodynamics and suspended sediment dynamics in estuarine channel networks: an idealised modelling approach – Promotor: prof. Dr. H.E. de Swart; Co-promotor: dr. Y. Dijkstra 

Reviewed Scientific Publications

  • Adnew, G., de Arellano, J. V-G., Koren, G., Moonen, R., Luijkx, I. T., Hutjes, R., Scheeren, B., de Boer, H., Coenders, M., van der Molen, M., Heusinkveld, B., Steur, F., van den Heuven, S. M. A. C., Faassen, K., Mol, W., Chen, H., Meijer, H., Hartogensis, O., Peters, W., & Röckmann, T. (2022). Diurnal variability in and above the canopy of stable istopologues integrated to ecophysiology and boundary-layer dynamics on the temperate Scots Pine forest ecosystem Loobos (NL). Abstract from 5th ICOS Science Conference 2022, Utrecht, Netherlands. 

  • Adnew, G., Pons, T., Koren, G., Peters, W., & Röckmann, T. (2022). Exploring the potential of Δ17O in CO2 for determining mesophyll conductance. Abstract from 10th International Symposium on Isotopomers (ISI) and 
    12th Isotopes Conference, Dübendorf/Zürich, Switzerland. 

  • Adnew, G., Koren, G., Melman, E., Peters, W., van der Molen, M., & Röckmann, T. (2022). Diurnal variation in the δ’17O of atmospheric CO2 in a temperate scots pine forest ecosystem. Abstract from Goldschmidt Conference 2022, Hawai, United States. 

  • Adnew, G. A., Workman, E., Janssen, C., & Röckmann, T. (2022). Temperature dependence of isotopic fractionation in the CO2-O2 isotope exchange reaction. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 36(12), 1-13. [e9301]. 

  • Andersen, T., Vries, M. D., Necki, J., Swolkien, J., Menoud, M., Röckmann, T., Roiger, A., Fix, A., Peters, W., & Chen, H. (2022, Jan 3). Local to regional methane emissions from the Upper Silesia Coal Basin (USCB) quantified using UAV-based atmospheric measurements. Manuscript submitted for publication. 

  • Antwerpen, R., Tedesco, M., Fettweis, X., Alexander, P., & van de Berg, W. J. (2022). Assessing bare-ice albedo simulated by MAR over the Greenland ice sheet (2000–2021) and implications for meltwater production estimates. The Cryosphere, 16(10), 4185-4199. 

  • Baartman, S. L., Krol, M. C., Röckmann, T., Hattori, S., Kamezaki, K., Yoshida, N., & Popa, M. E. (2022). A GC-IRMS method for measuring sulfur isotope ratios of carbonyl sulfide from small air samples. Open Research Europe, 1-33. 

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  • Bastiaansen, R., Dijkstra, H. A., & Heydt, A. S. V. D. (2022). Fragmented tipping in a spatially heterogeneous world. Environmental Research Letters, 17(4), 1-15. [045006]. 

  • Berends, C. J., Goelzer, H., Reerink, T. J., Stap, L. B., & Van De Wal, R. S. W. (2022). Benchmarking the vertically integrated ice-sheet model IMAU-ICE (version 2.0). Geoscientific Model Development, 15(14), 5667-5688. 

  • van den Berg, A-W., Hooghiem, J. J. D., Koren, G., Naus, S., Luijkx, I. T., Krol, M., & Peters, W. (2022). Estimating fire CO2 emissions with a joint CO/CO2 inversion driven by satellite data (OCO-2, TROPOMI) for the Amazon in 2019. Abstract from TRANSCOM 2022, Wageningen, Netherlands. 

  • Bergmann, M., Collard, F., Fabres, J., Gabrielsen, G. W., Provencher, J. F., Rochman, C. M., van Sebille, E., & Tekman, M. B. (2022). Publisher Correction: Plastic pollution in the Arctic. Nature Reviews Earth and Environment, 3(6), 420-420.  

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  • Biemond, B., de Swart, H., Dijkstra, H., & Diez Minguito, M. (2022). Idealised modelling of freshwater pulses. Abstract from European Geoscience Union (EGU) General Assembly 2022, Vienna, Austria. 

  • Biemond, B., de Swart, H. E., Dijkstra, H. A., & Díez-Minguito, M. (2022). Estuarine Salinity Response to Freshwater Pulses. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 127(11), 1-18. [e2022JC018669]. 

  • van der Boog, C. G., Dijkstra, H. A., Pietrzak, J. D., & Katsman, C. A. (2022). Spatial Variations of Antarctic Intermediate Water in the Caribbean Sea Due To Vertical Mixing Along Its Path. Geophysical Research Letters, 49(3). 

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  • Christensen, A. K., Piggott, M. D., van Sebille, E., van Reeuwijk, M., & Pawar, S. (2022). Investigating microscale patchiness of motile microbes under turbulence in a simulated convective mixed layer. PLoS Computational Biology, 18(7), 1-23. [e1010291]. 

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    Marine Geology 451, 106866, 

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