IMAU's 50th Anniversary

The first IMAU weather station at Terschelling. From left to right: Huug van den Dool, Louk Conrads en Jeroen van der Hage

In 1966 a group of enthusiastic pioneers founded the Institute for Meteorology and Oceanography Utrecht (IMOU). Twenty-five years later, in 1991, its name changed to Institute for Marine and Atmospheric research Utrecht (IMAU). And this year, 2016, marks five decades of stimulating education and scientific research of the oceans, atmosphere and cryosphere at IMAU.

We celebrated IMAU’s 50th anniversary on Thursday June 23rd, 2016. Alumni, master students, faculty, staff and friends of the institute were all cordially invited to celebrate this milestone.

Invited speakers were Prof. Jos Lelieveld, Director of the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry and professor in atmospheric physics at Mainz University and Dr. Fred Jansen, astrophysicist and Rosetta Mission Manager at ESA.

2016 also marked the 65th birthday of professor and IMAU director Will de Ruijter and professor Hans Oerlemans. Their illustrious careers were highlighted with a special event.

Presenter of this festive day was our NOS weatherman and IMAU researcher Peter Kuipers Munneke.

50 years IMAU – a great celebration and a day to be remembered. You will find a recap of the IMAU 50th anniversary event here.

Fort Voordorp, Groenekan