20 December 2017
With a computer model, researchers were able to compare the contributions of various sources to the amount of methane in the atmosphere.
A white Christmas?
15 December 2017
Aarnout van Delden looks back to historical weather data to predict - in a general way - the Christmas weather of the future.
Antarctica vanuit de lucht
4 December 2017
Utrecht University researchers think there is a possibility of regional sea level rises of 1.8 m or more due to the decreasing mass of the Antarctic ice cap.
Guus Velders' team after the presentation of the Award
29 November 2017
Prof Guus Velders and his team have been presented with a ‘Montreal Protocol Ozone Award for Scientific Leadership’’
28 November 2017
Introduction IMAU newsletter by Anna von der Heydt
28 November 2017
What sound does the ocean make? Not the waves breaking on a beach, but the ocean itself?
28 November 2017
Eleven PTR-MS instruments operated by European and US groups measured for two weeks the ambient air composition at the CESAR observatory near Cabauw.
28 November 2017
On October 4th, 2017, some 60 high school teachers in geography, physics and NLT got updated on the latest insights in climate change science.
28 November 2017
Former Master student Michelle Tigchelaar
Bert Klein Gebbink en Henk Dijkstra
27 November 2017
The physics and chemistry research at Utrecht University is world-leading, both in its quality and its relevance.