Illustratie van Kim Cohen
12 February 2019
Kim Cohen from Utrecht University was asked by magazine Vrij Nederland to draw a map of the Netherlands as it may appear in the year 2300.
17 January 2019
The public health consequences of climate change could increase the urgency of climate policy, according to Guus Velders in the NRC.
Erosie van het strand bij Cancun
2 January 2019
Seagrass beds are so effective in protecting tropical beaches from erosion, that they can reduce the need for expensive beach nourishments that are used now.
5 December 2018
The ice on Greenland is melting faster than at any moment during the last 350 years. This is concluded from a model by Brice Noël (IMAU).
Erik van Sebille
22 November 2018
Oceanographer Erik van Sebille researches things that float in oceans: plastic, but also bacteria, fish and larvae.
1 November 2018
Introduction IMAU newsletter November 2018
1 November 2018
IMAU PhD student David Wichmann
1 November 2018
INQUA-PAGES Conference for Early-Career Researchers
1 November 2018
A field trip to the centre of the Greenland ice sheet to recover ice for analysis.
1 November 2018
Former PhD student Wim Ridderinkhof