8 August 2018
From now on, let’s only build no-regret waterworks, argues Peter Kuipers Munneke in NRC.
Een van de stukken Durvillaea-zeewier die vorig jaar op een Antarctisch strand werden aangetroffen (King George Island, 2017). Foto: Erasmo Macaya
16 July 2018
An unexpected discovery by an international research team shows antarctic ecosystems are more vulnerable than assumed.
14 June 2018
Professor Thomas Röckmann blogs every day during his field trip to Greenland.
Unusual iceberg at Rothera Research Station, Antarctic Peninsula (Andrew Shepherd, University of Leeds)
13 June 2018
Ice loss on Antarctica tripled in 10 years, shows a study published in Nature including research from the IMAU
28 May 2018
Report of the workshop
Het basiskamp van de gletsjeronderzoekers op de locatie van zomerse smeltmeren. (© Nick Gillett)
2 May 2018
Meltwater lakes do not only appear in summer, Utrecht glaciologist Peter Kuipers Munneke discovered. The cause: warm wind.
23 April 2018
Introduction IMAU newsletter April 2018
23 April 2018
New Tenure Track researcher at IMAU
23 April 2018
Climate Physics student Anneke Vries joined the scientific team of the NICO expedition organized by NIOZ Sea Research and NWO.
23 April 2018
Former PhD student Leonie Derendorp