5 December 2018
The ice on Greenland is melting faster than at any moment during the last 350 years. This is concluded from a model by Brice Noël (IMAU).
Erik van Sebille
22 November 2018
Oceanographer Erik van Sebille researches things that float in oceans: plastic, but also bacteria, fish and larvae.
1 November 2018
Introduction IMAU newsletter November 2018
1 November 2018
IMAU PhD student David Wichmann
1 November 2018
INQUA-PAGES Conference for Early-Career Researchers
1 November 2018
A field trip to the centre of the Greenland ice sheet to recover ice for analysis.
1 November 2018
Former PhD student Wim Ridderinkhof
25 September 2018
Prize awarded at the 12th European Fluid Mechanics Conference
Matthias Aengenheyster ontvangt de scriptieprijs van decaan Isabel Arends
4 September 2018
In his thesis, titled “Point of No Return and Optimal Transitions in CMIP5”, Aengenheyster determined the point of no return in climate change.
3 September 2018
Lectures and debate on possible consequences of sea level rise