In many western countries, trust in politics is low, polarisation is growing and the democratic rule of law is under pressure.... is this a sign that the era of democracy is over? We think not. Democracy is not one encompassing institution but consists of a complex set of formal and informal rules. These institutions can potentially conflict with each other, affecting many facets of our society. Democracy and democratic values therefore deserve our upmost attention and may be in need of renewal.

Our experts look for institutional renewal and consider democracy across the board; not only in the rule of law and government, but also in corporations, organisations and transitions. What is needed for a viable and sustainable society worldwide based on democratic principles and procedures?

Our experts

Politics, the rule of law and citizenship

Corporate democracy

Democracy in transitions


  • Events related to democracy

    • Open Session on Democracy

      Research network Institutions for Open Societies invites everyone with an interest in democracy and especially early career researchers to Tuesday 28 May. In this meeting, we aim to build on current discussions and provide an open space to work on joint initiatives and collaborations between different IOS platforms and beyond.
    • Festival Europa

      Festival Europe of Utrecht University prepares you for the European elections with interviews, talks, a party leader debate, music and literature.
    • The Big Europe show

      On Tuesday June 4, Institutions for Open Societies' platform Futures of Democracy invite you to join a whirlwind show with information, political analysis, humour and interaction about Europe en European Politics. In 75 minutes, De Kiesmannen ('Electors') will get you ready for the voting booth at the upcoming European elections.
    • Inaugural lecture Marcel Boogers: ‘Democracy and transition: room for collision and connection’

      Marcel Boogers will give his inaugural lecture, accepting his chair as endowed professor in Democracy and Transition at Utrecht University.
    • Event: The Hungary Presidency of the EU

      Invitation to the Hungary Presidency of the EU.