Sustainable Labour Market

We are struggling with increasing staff shortages in healthcare and education. At the same time, unemployed people over the age of 50 hardly get hored. How can we achieve a more balanced and sustainable labour market? Researchers from Utrecht are study this issue from different angles.

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Labour economy and 'the human side of bits'

Sociology, Work Life Balance

Motivation and well-being, work engagement, technology

Interaction between the labour market and housing market, labour and health(care), absenteeism, regional labour markets

Gender issues at work

Labour market issues, emancipation, freelancing

Psychology and work

Strategic Human Resource Management

Social networks

    Labour Law and Social Security

    Human Resource Management

    Entrepreneurship and innovation

    Social networks, diversity

    Employability, older workers, technology

      Gender Equality Law

      Forms of employment, contracting, payrolling, platformeconomy