Big data and artificial intelligence

The emergence of big data and artificial intelligence creates new economic and social opportunities, but also entails risks in the areas of privacy, ethics, a level playing field, democratic control, autonomy and security. Researchers from Utrecht University examine this issue from different angles.

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Our experts - Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance

Algorithms & fundamental rights

Social media, smart city, e-government & public innovation

Competition law & regulation of large tech companies

Intellectual property rights, algorithms in fake news & rights for robots

Accountability of Internet service providers, copyright & privacy and data protection

    Intellectual property rights & privacy law and the protection of personal data

    Our experts - Faculty of Humanities

    Social media & network analysis and algorithms

    Big data, data ethics, algorithms & debates on technology and society

    Artificial intelligence and responsibility, ethics & self-driving cars

    "Deep learning" techniques & artificial intelligence and human language

    Our experts - Faculty of Science

    Autonomy, social intelligence & responsibility of computer systems

    Big data, data mining & privacy

    Big data in molecular life sciences research

    Data visualisation and visual analysis

    Artificial intelligence and social interactions

    Legal informatics & intelligent systems

    Machine learning, text analysis & social media

    Human-robot interactions

    Big data in climate research