Ukrainian war

Russian forces continue to capture and occupy more parts of Ukraine

On Thursday morning, February 24, what had been hanging in the air for weeks became a reality: Russia invaded Ukraine. By so doing, Vladimir Putin wants, among other things, to prevent NATO from further expanding towards 'his front door'. But what is the background to that? What are the consequences of this war to the European Union? Just how effective are sanctions against Russia? And how will the war affect The Netherlands? In this dossier, you will find an overview of experts who can shed light on the situation. You will also read articles where our academics dissect the Russia-Ukrainian war.

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History of International Relations

  • Alliances, Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe, Détente, Diplomacy, Cold War, New Cold War History, Eastern Europe, Warsaw Pact

Conflict Studies

  • Theories of Violence, Armed Conflict, Remote Warfare, Institutions in Times of Large-Scale Violence, Conflict Studies, War Studies, Conflict Solution

International Law

  • Armed Conflict, Armed Groups, International Criminal Law, International Human Rights Law, International Humanitarian Law, Public International Law
  • European Convention on Human Rights, International Security Law, International Human Rights Law, Interfaces between National and Internatinal Law, Public International Law

Decision-making and EU Leadership

  • European Union, Leadership, Legitimacy, Monetary Economics and Policy, Citizen Perceptions of European Union, German European Politics, French European Politics, Psychology


  • Interfaces between National and Internatinal Law, International Security Law, International Human Rights Law, International Institutional Law, Public International Law

The Military Industry in Europe

  • European Union, European Law, European Union Internal Market Law, Public Procurement, European Security and Defence Policy, National Security, Defence, Civilian-Military Relations

Refugees in Europe and the EU

Refugees & South East European Politics

  • Asylum, European Law, European Union, International Human Rights Law, International Organisations, Mobility and Migration, Public International Law, Refugees, Migration, Migration in/to Europe, Human Rights, Human Rights Vulnerable Groups , European Protection of Fundamental Rights, Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, Enforcement of European Law

Belgian Diplomacy and the Impact of the Ukraine crisis on the Global South

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