Mission-oriented Innovation Policy Observatory

The Mission-oriented Innovation Policy Observatory (MIPO) aims to enhance the understanding, monitoring and effective use of challenge-based innovation missions to solve complex societal problems. It unites policy practitioners and scholars from innovation, transition and governance studies.

MIPO framework. (Position Paper, Janssen et al. 2020)

The Observatory provides a basis for characterizing, comparing and reviewing the governance and policy instrumentation of ambitious missions designed to solve selected complex societal problems and has a broad scope in terms of country, government-level and policy domain. MIPO researchers engage in in-depth and comparative analysis of cases suggested by practitioners dealing with governance or policy questions.

Research agenda

Researchers affiliated with the MIPO engage in self-initiated as well as commissioned research projects, both of a theoretical and empirical nature. Topics and research questions the MIPO is concerned with include, amongst others, the following:

  • Conceptualisation of missions and mission-oriented innovation policies (MIPs)
  • Comparison of different types of missions and MIPs
  • Reviewing policy adoption and effects

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