Remuneration, insurance, reimbursement

Medewerkers in gesprek in Academiegebouw

If you work at Utrecht University, you are entitled to various agreements and regulations regarding salary, holiday pay, year-end bonus, pension, insurances, commuting expenses and terms of employment.

Salary, holiday pay and year-end bonus

At Utrecht University you receive a monthly salary based on your job profile and the corresponding salary scale as laid down in the Collective Labour Agreement Dutch Universities. On top of this, you receive an annual holiday pay of 8% of your gross annual salary and a year-end bonus of 8.3%.  


Utrecht University participates in a sound pension scheme provided by ABP. Employees pay roughly one third of pension premiums, the University pays the remaining two-thirds.

Health insurance

Utrecht University has entered into collective insurance contracts with two insurers: OHRA and Zilveren Kruis Achmea.

Other insurances

As employee of Utrecht University you are offered attractive discounts on the premiums of a variety of insurances and mortgages. The university has entered into agreements with OHRA as well as with Centraal Beheer Achmea.

Commuting expenses

As employee of Utrecht University you receive a reimbursement of 10 cents per kilometre, up to a commuting distance not exceeding 25 kilometres per one way trip.

Terms of Employment Options Model

Within the Options Model, you can 'exchange' a number of elements from the terms of employment. For example, once every three years you can purchase a bicycle for commuting tax-free, for instance from your salary or gross holiday pay. Or you can supplement your travel expenses up to 19 cents per kilometre, regardless of the distance travelled. It is also possible to buy more leave hours, sell back leave hours at the university or exchange part of your current leave hours for a longer period of leave in the future (such as a sabbatical).

Employees Utrecht University

Employees of the university can find extensive information about terms of employment on the intranet page Practical matters, topic Salary, pension and compensation (login required).