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In order to further develop the quality of our research and education at Utrecht University, we invest in the talent of our employees.

A selection of development programmes for academic staff:

  • As a teacher, you can participate in various development programmes. For example, you can obtain the (Senior) University Teaching Qualification.
  • If you want to further develop your academic teaching skills, you can can come to the Centre for Academic Teaching and Learning for support and training aimed at improvement and educational innovation.
  • The Academic Leadership programme offers courses for department heads and vice-deans, full professors and associate professors.
  • The PhD Activating Career Event: PhACE aims to help PhD's at the end of the doctorate to think about their future career.

Assessment and development interview

Besides reflecting on your performance and progress, the annual Assessment & Development interview (A&D) addresses working conditions and opportunities for development and growth.

Employees Utrecht University

Employees of the university can find extensive information about development programmes in the Development Guide on intranet (login required).

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