The USG programmes study public issues and public organisations in their interaction with the developments in politics and society. Theory and practice meet through an approach from various disciplines and perspectives. The small-scale programmes make use of a variety of working methods. Committed lecturers, interacting with the students, give shape to the programmes in which current social developments play an important part.

The Bachelor’s programme in Public Administration and Organisation Science is one of the few Dutch programmes that may apply a selection system. The meticulous procedure is aimed at selecting motivated and inquisitive students for whom this programme is appropriate. Alongside the compulsory curriculum, there is much room for the students’ individual interests and ambitions. Students have the freedom to choose optional courses for up to 25% of the Bachelor’s programme. Furthermore, they  become actively acquainted with organizations by carrying out (research) projects at the end of each academic year. There are also possibilities to spend part of their studies, or conduct research, at a foreign university.  

There are various different Master’s programmes in Public Administration and Organisation Science. The Utrecht University School of Governance is the only Dutch institution offering the two-year dual Master’s programme in Sport Policy and Sport Management; USG also offers the two-year international Research Master’s programme in Public Administration and Organizational Science. The core themes in the four other Master’s programmes are: policy and management, communication, organizational change, and public management. Apart from these programmes and together with the universities of Konstanz (Germany), Brno (Czech Republic) and University College Dublin (Ireland) we offer the double degree Master's programme in European Governance.

Both in the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes in Public Administration and Organisation Science we focus on academic, social and professional skills that will be useful in the students’ future professional careers.

In addition to these programmes, USG offers students from other faculties and contract students a large and varied range of optional courses.

To conclude, professionals wishing to get an education alongside their jobs can turn to us as well. Executive Education Law, Economics and Governance offers Education for Professionals, customized courses and coaching.