When there are threats to our security, core values in society can come into conflict. How can we deal with this in a more balanced way? In Security in Open Societies (SOS), researchers work together with social partners to find answers to current social issues surrounding these themes. From science, but for and with practitioners, to create open, safe and resilient societies. 

Creating open and resilient societies

Interested in research on themes such as security, polarisation, democracy and gender? Security in Open Societies is part of Institutions for Open Societies, Utrecht University's unique research expertise. Here, all our research on open and resilient societies is brought together.  


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    • Discussing Terrorism in the Classroom

      Discussing Terrorism in the Classroom – Adopting an Empathizing and Historical Perspective: A Research Note: new article by Beatrice de Graaf, Nikki Sterkenburg, Jorin Dijkstra and Tessa Glas
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    • The Future of Democracy

      Across the world, democratic institutions are under pressure. We gladly invite you to the 'Institutions for Open Societies Community Day' to think about and discuss this topic with us: What is the future of democracy? How can we reinvigorate formal and informal rules, organizations and networks to safeguard and strengthen democratization?