USG Consultancy

USG Consultancy offers consultancy to commissioning parties ranging from the public to the private sector, about governance issues. It is part of the Utrecht University School of Governance (USG) at Utrecht University. USG’s approach towards the issues involved is characterized by combining different insights form Public Administration and Organization Science. USG Consultancy conducts research and provides consultancy, training and coaching on the basis of this approach and the extensive knowledge and experience of its staff.

Academic Consultancy

USG Consultancy stands by thorough, objective and innovative research.

The fact that the office is embedded in the Utrecht School of Governance guarantees continuous interaction with academic research and professional practice.

Our consultants work on the basis of a well-founded theoretical framework and are well acquainted with the latest academic insights in the field of Public Administration and Organization Science.

USG Consultancy specializes in qualitative research, which extends beyond analysing the problem. Indeed, converting issues to concrete recommendations requires an insight into the background of the issue and the question why, for instance, an earlier approach did not take effect. A thorough analysis is the basis of each research project. The findings of each project are carefully considered, and consequently from the basis for concrete recommendations. If desired, USG Consultancy can also support implementation.

Interaction and interdisciplinarity

USG Consultancy is strong in addressing complex issues. Due to its academic background and the staff’s ample practical experience, the office is capable of producing concrete and realistic solutions.

Our consultants address issues in collaboration with the client, expressly paying attention to the context and the formulation of the commission. The choice of research methods and the selection of respondents are also made in close collaboration. In order to support these choices, USG Consultancy proposes criteria concerning content. In addition, the application of specific methods and the selection of respondents are related to retaining and creating support among the parties concerned.

Each research issue is addressed by at least two consultants from different disciplines. The approach of combining different angels from Public Administration and Organization Science is unique and often leads to clear insights. Ample attention is paid to (inter)human aspects of work processes, without losing sight of the interests of the organization involved.

Expertise and experience

USG Consultancy is very experienced in the execution of commissions for service organizations in the public domain. The office also works for various ministries, local authorities, semi-public bodies and privatised institutions. The cultural, health care and education sectors are especially represented. USG Consultancy commissions can roughly be divided into three angles concerning content:

  • Management and policy
  • Organizational development
  • Image and identity

In addition, USG Consultancy facilitates the practical implementation of commissioned recommendations through training, coaching and interim management. Naturally, these forms of support are also offered independent of other commissions.