Innovation fund for IT in research projects: call for proposals until 1 December 2018

The Research IT programme has a fund for small, innovative research projects by researchers of Utrecht University (UU). The goal of this innovation fund is to supply start-up capital for good innovative ideas in the field of IT and research. The goal of this innovation fund is to apply innovative IT to research. The selected proposal will allow a researcher to spend a modest sum in order to find out if the idea is viable. These pilots may entail risks; a chance of failure is considered acceptable.

The approved application(s) will be published on this page, as will the mandatory final report.


  • The project must be based on an underlying scientific research question that can be answered more easily, quicker or more effectively with the help of an innovative IT application;
  • The idea must have potential for wider application (or adaptation for use) in other areas of research down the road;
  • It must be clear what final product is anticipated: tool, technique, report, knowledge, etc.;
  • Minimum of €10k, up to a maximum of €25k;
  • To qualify, the idea in question must not have funding readily available elsewhere, such as in connection with a strategic theme;
  • Interdisciplinary projects are preferred, while a connection (existing or sought) with the Applied Data Science focus area is desirable;
  • Applications will be submitted by a researcher employed by UU;
  • May be ‘risky’, a chance of failure is acceptable;
  • In carrying out the project, the Research IT programme will attempt to establish areas of connection with other activities within the programme.
Submitting an application

Deadline for new applications is 1 December 2018.


How to submit an application:

These proposals will be presented to the programme’s Advisory Council and the programme team, as well as to a number of subject-matter experts affiliated with the programme. Based on the responses and the criteria, the selected applications will be awarded funding.

Approved applications 2017
Dirk Gerritsen, Arnout van de Rijt

IT infrastructure for a novel social influence experiment
Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance - Economics, Social Science

Rens van de Schoot Automatische Systematic Review
Faculty of Social Sciences - Methodics & Statistics
Joris van Eijnatten Historicized Place Name Disambiguation in Multilingual Repositories
Faculty of Humanities - History
Miroslav Zivkovic Adaptive text mining with mobile eye-tracking devices
Faculty of Science - Informatics
Peter Lugtig et al. App for recording sensor-data using smartphones
Faculty of Social Sciences - Methodics & Statistics
Erik Jan van Leeuwen, Arnout van de Rijt  Bestrijding van Nepnieuws in Sociale Netwerken
Faculty of Science & Faculty of Social Science - informatics and sociology


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