Get started

This is a brief guide to the essential IT information you will need as a new employee of Utrecht University. Follow these steps for getting setup with IT. 

1. Get your username (Solis-id) and password

Your Solis-id is your user name for most university services. Used in combination with your Solis password, it gives you access to IT services such as computers, the wireless network (Wi-Fi) and Solis-mail (the University email service).

Your Solis-id and password are sent to your private email address in two seperate emails. If you didn't receive your password, please try to create a new password. If you also didn't receive your Solis-id or if you experience problems creating a new password, please contact us.

2. Connect to the wireless network

If you want to connect to the wireless network (e.g. your laptop, phone or tablet), visit the wireless network (Wi-Fi) page.

3. Learn more about IT services on the intranet

The intranet of Utrecht University is for employees and guests only. It provides information on practical matters such as IT services and IT support. The intranet page for new employees gives you an overview that might be helpful.

After you log on to a desktop computer at the university, you are able to connect to the intranet. If you are working from home or another location, go to and log in using your Solis-id. 

4. IT rules

Utrecht University has various rules and guidelines that apply to your usage of our IT facilities.

5. Work safely

Work safely, and protect your passwords and report abuse.

6. Get low cost software and hardware

Software and related IT products at reduced cost are available at Surfspot, the webshop for students and university staff. 

7. Help and advice

Need help? Or do you have a question or a request? Please contact us