Utrecht University (UU) strives to provide the very best education for its students. Collecting and analyzing study data and the insights derived from those analyses - also called learning analytics (LA) - have become an essential tool in shaping and improving the quality of education.

The commonly used definition of LA is: "the measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of data about learners and their contexts for purposes of understanding and optimizing learning and the environments in which it occurs". In other words, LA is about gaining insights from study data with the aim of improving education. 

There are several LA projects running at the UU and there is also a research line focussing on LA. More information about the LA projects and LA research can be found on their respective pages. 

Interested in starting your own LA project?

There is a central LA team that provides support to project leaders who want to initiate an LA project. In order to ensure that the LA projects adhere to the LA policy, the GDPR, and the security regulations, the team has developed an LA roadmap that each project will go through. If you are interested in starting an LA project, please check out the LA team's intranetsite for all the LA roadmap related documentation or reach out to the LA team.

Knowledge sharing

Besides initiating LA projects, team LA, together with the special interest group (SIG) LA, organizes four webinars per year. Speakers for these webinars come from in and outside of the UU and are invited to present their research or LA implementations. Keep an eye on our News and calendar page for information about the webinars and other events that we are organizing or participating in. The webinars are recorded and shared under Output and materials, where also other output such as conference contributions and scientific papers can be found.