LA in education

Utrecht University (UU) has incorporated Learning Analytics (LA) in its strategic plan: We will deploy learning analytics in order to further improve the quality of teaching, student counselling and guidance, and teaching materials. We will reinforce the relevant infrastructure and develop accompanying policy that takes the GDPR, privacy issues and ethical guidelines into account.

Facilitate LA at the UU.

To realise these ambitions, a central LA team has been setup. The LA team works on creating facilities to employ LA in a safe and transparent way, for example by developing a policy for LA and a general privacy statement for LA. Each of our LA projects is initiated following our LA roadmap; a stepwise approach to ensure LA is implemented in a secure way. If you are interested in starting your own LA project at the UU you can check out our intranet page

Share knowledge.

Besides initiating LA projects, team LA, together with the special interest group (SIG) LA, organizes four webinars per year. Speakers for these webinars come from in and outside of the UU and are invited to present their research or LA implementations. Team LA also generates other output, such as conference contributions and scientific papers. More on our output can be found in the Output and materials section.  


If you have any questions or suggestions for LA topics to discuss during one of the webinars, feel free to contact us at

The LA team