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The Graduate School of Life Sciences deploys ULearning as a digital learning environment for its online and blended education. Teachers want to be able to monitor student progress during a course and respond accordingly to prevent dropout. In addition, upon completion of a course, teachers want insight into the use of learning activities to optimize course design.

This includes questions such as:

  • What learning activities contribute to effective and efficient course design?
  • What learning activities activate students?
  • Is there value in offering multiple forms of learning activities side by side?

A proof of concept was conducted to see whether meaningful data could be extracted from ULearning to inform teachers. A test environment was set up within the ULearning platform. An overview was created of the types of activities/student data that could be extracted.

So far, the result of the proof of concept was that the generated list of data are not very insightful nor user-friendly. In a follow up project, we intend to investigate

  • multiple visualizations/dashboards to explore questions and hypotheses about monitoring student progress and optimize course design
  • explore what aspects of learning teachers would like to monitor, and investigate whether LA can be a potential solution
  • relate student data from ULearning and combine it with data from other sources such as the result for a course registered in Osiris.

Contact person and email address

Lars van der Plank, (Technology Enhanced Learning, UMC Utrecht)

Anne-Petra Rozendal, (Graduate School of Life Sciences, UMC Utrecht)

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