Virtual Classroom

Ruppert 1.39 / Online-Capacity: 48

The learning space that bridges the gap between online- and in-person education


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What does the space offer you?

The VC is a unique learning space at the University, aimed at maximizing the user experience of both the teacher, as the student, during an online learning activity. The space offers your education the following:

  • A multitude of interactive quizzes, which allows a concrete dialogue with the student
  • Up to 48 online participants, who are displayed in lifelike size
  • The feeling of connection, which is normally missing in a digital learning activity
  • Freedom of movement while teaching a digital learning activity
  • Support by a student assistant, meaning that you only have to show up with whatever you are going to present

So if you are looking for a learning space that makes digital learning activities as comfortable and lifelike as possible, and enables different ways of interaction? Come and take a look at the VC!

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