Virtual Classroom

The learning space that bridges the gap between online- and in-person education

Video impression

In this video, you get a general impression of the Virtual Classroom.

The Virtual Classroom was designed to give students and instructors working remotely an educational experience that is comparable to education in a physical learning environment. In a Virtual classroom, an instructor teaches students remotely. The instructor sits in a specially furnished room with eight large screens showing six online participants per screen. Two other screens can show presentations, interaction tools or the students’ questions, as needed. The benefits of a Virtual Classroom over a webinar, for example, are that the instructor can make good eye contact with all of the participants on the large screens, and that there is more interaction possible between the instructor and students and among the students.

As each screen has its own camera, the online participants feel more as if they can interact personally with the lecturer. For the instructor, teaching in a Virtual Classroom feels more natural than teaching in front of a laptop in an online meeting environment, due to the freedom of movement the installation offers and the option of addressing students directly.

How is the space used? 

The innovative nature of this concept means that relatively few studies have yet been published on aspects such as the effects on the students’ learning results. However, it is clear that the instructor must use interventions, such as a quiz or poll, earlier than they would in a standard classroom in order to encourage the students’ involvement during the class. The Virtual Classroom system has been set up in such a way that it is easy to add such a quiz during the lesson.

Virtual Classroom Fridolin van der Lecq

Practical information

A Virtual Classroom has been set up at the next location: 

  • Ruppert building, room 1.39


For recurring use of a Future Learning Space, please contact your faculty scheduler. An introductory interview is part of the process. Please note! Deadlines for booking an FLS for regular education are communicated via intranet.

For the occasional use of a Future Learning Space outside of regular education, you can use the self-service module TE Reserve.

Do you have questions or would you like a tour? Send an email to

Suitable for: interactive teaching online.

The Virtual Classroom was created in partnership with Barco.