Mobile Hybrid set

With this innovative mobile hybrid set, students can now actively participate in education from anywhere. This provides inclusive opportunities in fieldwork and field trips, among others

What does the set offer you?

mobiele hybride set voor bijvoorbeeld veldwerk

The MHS offers an immersive learning experience for both teachers and students, regardless of their physical location. The set offers your teaching the following:

  • It offers the ability for students to participate in teaching from home online at remote locations, anywhere, via live video and audio
  • It provides an inclusive learning experience for students who cannot physically attend field trips, fieldwork, etc.
  • It enables students to actively participate in teaching online and interact with the teacher and fellow students at a remote location
  • A trained 'Telebuddy' takes care of operating the equipment so teachers can concentrate on teaching
  • Versatile in use, even in locations with limited connectivity

Are you looking for a set that connects on-site and remote learning in an innovative and dynamic way? Want to know more and discuss what possibilities the MHS can offer for you? Get in touch via

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