van Lier en Eggink room

Administration building / Capacity: 60

Foto van de van Lier en Eggink Zaal

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What does the space offer you?

The van Lier en Eggink room is a versatile (workgroup)space, which supports a plethora of different education styles. The learning space is focused on group work and student-centered forms of education. The room offers you the following:

  • Easy interaction with all groups due to a great freedom of movement
  • Small distance between teacher and student
  • Active learning through group-setups
  • Different setups are possible due to flexible furniture
  • Camera in the rear of the room for manoeuvrability in hybrid settings

So are you looking for an activating room which facilitates a seamless switch between plenary and collaborative working? Consider the van Lier en Eggink room for your education!

Learning Space Scores

Curious about in which categories this learning space distinguishes itself? Check out the following graph!