Collaborative Classroom

In this video, you will get an explanation of our view of the Collaborative Classroom.
Collaboratieve collegezaal plattegrond
Collaborative classroom map


The collaborative classroom is characterized by alternating rows of lower and higher tables. Spaces laid out as an auditorium will have two rows of tables per level. Students on the lower tables will be able to turn around and quickly form a group with the students behind them. Each group is easily accessible for the instructor with a whiteboard. One unique variant is the Collaborative Classroom in the Round, inspired by the round classrooms of Oregon State University, but which are better equipped for activating teaching methods.

Which phase is the project currently in?

This project is currently in the initiation phase. The idea behind the Collaborative Classroom was discussed with 10 instructors, who were enthusiastic about the idea. The main benefit in their opinion is that the room encourages activating teaching methods, but also facilitates traditional teaching methods. 


We are interested in the findings of UMC Amsterdam, where a Collaborative Classroom was recently realised. The current coronavirus prevention measures make it difficult to visit UMC Amsterdam at the moment, but we are looking forward to discussing their design considerations and experiences.