The ones giving and receiving our education, should be the ones in charge of designing the learning spaces

Ideas of students and teachers form the basis of Future Learning Spaces. At Future Learning Spaces we are busy with supporting education the best we can with innovative learning spaces, however the ones giving and receiving this education are the ones that are in touch with how this can done best. That is why we would love your input on questions such as:

  • What does your ideal teaching space look like?
  • Which features of an education space do you consider important?
  • How do you experience different learning spaces?
  • Which education space(s) do you need (more)?

And of course, other topics that you would like to see in the development of the learning spaces of tomorrow!

The Collaborative Classroom, the Learning Plaza and the Outside Classroom are concepts for educational spaces that we are currently researching and would like to hear your opinion about.  

Would you like to contribute to the development of educational spaces of the (near) future? Or do you have other questions about the Future Learning Spaces project or teaching in these experimental educational spaces? Send an email to; and we will contact you!