Hybrid Active Learning Classroom

If you want interaction within groups, then this is the setting for you


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What does the space offer you?

The HALC is a unique (workgroup)space at the University, aimed at interactive and autonomous project work, active learning and collaboration. The space offers your education the following:

  • Clear overview in the progress of all project groups, due to the circular layout of furniture
  • Easier interaction with all groups, enabled by freedom of movement
  • Active learning by the group setup
  • Insight in the learning progress of students due to whiteboards and monitors for each working station
  • Plenary discussing supported by a multitude of options in screen management

So if you are looking for a learning space that is activating, ideal for changing between plenary instruction and active collaborative work, and on top of that can fulfil a hybrid functionality? Come and take a look at the HALC!

Learning Space Scores

Curious about in which categories this learning space distinguishes itself? Check out the following graph!

    Learning Spaces scores, Hybrid Active Learning Classroom