Who's involved?

Programme Committee

Prof. dr. Catrin Finkenauer (Programme director)
Prof. dr. Tamara van Gog (Social and Behavioural Sciences)
Prof. dr. Manon Benders (UMC Utrecht)
Prof. dr. Pieter Hooimeijer (Geosciences)
Prof. dr. Wim Kremer (Veterinary Medicine)
Prof. mr. Wendy Schrama (Law, Economics & Governance)
Prof. dr. Remco Veltkamp (Science)
Prof. dr. Frank Wijnen (Humanities)

Management Team

Prof. dr. Catrin Finkenauer (programme director)
Drs. Petra van Dijk (Executive Director)
Drs. Diederik van Iwaarden (Research Support Office)
Saskia van Barneveld (Secretariat Dynamics of Youth)


Drs. Marije Witsenboer (Communications and Marketing)
Flore van Eerde (Communications and Marketing)

Working group on education

Prof. dr. Marian Jongmans (chairman)
Dr. Jorg Huijding (Social and Behavioural Sciences)
Drs. Winnifred Meijboon (Social and Behavioural Sciences)
Prof. dr. Toine Pieters (Science)
Dr. Geert Ramakers (UMC Utrecht)
Dr. Rens van der Schoot (Social and Behavioural Sciences)
Prof. dr. Frank Wijnen (Humanities)

Theme coordinators

Dr. Tessel Boerma (The first 1001 days of a child’s life)
Zoë Rejaän MSc (Where do I belong? Children in multi-resident families)
Dr. Bjorn Wansink (Change your perspective)
Myrte van Langen (Developmental labels: the good, the bad and the contested)
Dr. Heidi Lesscher (Healthy play, better coping)
Dr. Gonneke Stevens (Youth Got Talent)

Societal Advisory Board

Annette Roeters, director at the Council for Child Protection
Felisha Aakster, project manager at the Dutch National Youth Council
Jelle Kaldewaij, director at the Netherlands Initiative for Education Research
Léon Wever, director of special projects at Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport
Niek Jan van Kesteren, member of the Senate (CDA), former general director at VNO-NCW and MKB-Nederland
Pim van Gool, president of the Health Council of the Netherlands
Swanet Woldhuis, general director at Dutch Autism Association and Balans (association for parents and children with developmental disorders)
Wilma de Rek, science writer and chief editor of the books section at de Volkskrant
Ans van de Maat, chairman of the board at the Netherlands Youth Institute