All faculties of Utrecht University participate in Dynamics of Youth: Science, Humanities, Medicine, Geosciences, Law, Economics & Governance, Veterinary Medicine, and Social & Behavioural Sciences. 

Programme director

Chantal Kemner, professor of Biological Developmental Psychology, is the programme director of Dynamics of Youth.

Programme Committee

Prof. dr. Chantal Kemner (chairman)
Prof. dr. Tamara van Gog (Social and Behavioural Sciences)
Prof. dr. Manon Benders (UMC Utrecht)
Prof. dr. Pieter Hooimeijer (Geosciences)
Prof. dr. Wim Kremer (Veterinary Medicine)
Prof. mr. Wendy Schrama (Law, Economics & Governance)
Prof. dr. Remco Veltkamp (Science)
Prof. dr. Frank Wijnen (Humanities)

Project Team

Prof. dr. Chantal Kemner (Programme director)
Drs. Petra van Dijk (Executive director)
Tammy Engel (Secretariat Dynamics of Youth)
Iris Bleeker-Beers (Personal assistant to the programme director)
Drs. Diederik van Iwaarden (Research Support Office)
Drs. Ria Aalders (Department Manager Psychology)
Drs. Marije Witsenboer (Communications and Marketing)
Anya Boelhouwer MA (Communications and Marketing)


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