What is Dynamics of Youth?

Elevator pitch: what is Dynamics of Youth?

Within Utrecht University’s research theme Dynamics of Youth, scientists from all fields of expertise study how young people develop in our rapidly changing society. 

Investing in the future

In dealing with social problems, you need to start with the children. Dynamics of Youth is about working together in order to better understand child development. It’s about how people become who they are, and why they do what they do. Children growing up today will eventually shape our world in the near future, so we are investing in the future. But children are also a vulnerable group, and we as a society must ensure that they can grow up healthy in mind and body. 


Interdisciplinary cooperation

Dynamics of Youth combines excellent child research from all seven faculties. Researchers from different disciplines integrate their expertise to answer crucial questions for future generations. Utrecht University is a pioneer when it comes to interdisciplinary cooperation.

Common data sets

Developing large common data sets and research instruments is essential. Therefore the YOUth cohort study was launched in 2015. A large-scale, long-term cohort study. YOUth follows children from before birth until the age of 18. This large-scale longitudinal cohort study with repeated measurements consists of two independent but related samples from the general population. 

Recognition and Rewards

Within Utrecht University we are working towards a culture in which everyone's contribution counts and in which the team and collaboration have a crucial role. Dynamics of Youth supports the efforts of recognition and rewards and has added the Sunshine in your pocket - initiative as a form of appreciation.

More information about this initiative is available here