dr. Eva Jaspers
Assistant Professor
Social Sciences - Sociology
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Eva Jaspers is Assistant Professor of Sociology and Director of the Academic Master Program Current Societal Problems. She is a member of the Research School (ICS) of Utrecht University. Her research interests are around gender and ethnic attitudes and inequality, at home and in schools and the labor market. She is also involved in research on political sociology and social networks. She manages the Dutch part of the large scale, international, survey of Youth in Europe (YES!). She received a number of grants from the national science foundation NWO, including a Talent Scheme VENI grant.     


Eva Jaspers is member of the ICS Research Line Migration and Social Stratification. 

Involved in the following study programme(s)
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Academic positions:

2010-present      Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology at Utrecht University

2007-2010         Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Radboud University Nijmegen


Academic visits: 

2012                Academic Visitor to Prof. Miles Hewstone, Oxford University                             

2005                Academic Visitor to Prof. Duane F. Alwin, Pennsylvania State University

2002                Traineeship with dr. Melissa Steyn, University of Cape Town



2008                PhD Sociology, Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands

2003                MA Sociology (cum laude), Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands

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All publications
  Articles - Scholarly publications
Ten Berge, Jannes Beer, Lancee, Bram & Jaspers, Eva (01.06.2017). Can Interethnic Friends Buffer for the Prejudice Increasing Effect of Negative Interethnic Contact? A Longitudinal Study of Adolescents in the Netherlands. European Sociological Review, 33 (3), (pp. 423-435) (13 p.).
de Regt, Sabrina, Jaspers, Eva & van der Lippe, Tanja (2017). Explaining age differences in positive attitudes towards national commemorations - The role of what people commemorate. Nations and Nationalism, 23 (4), (pp. 726-745).
Wölfer, Ralf, Jaspers, Eva, Blaylock, Danielle, Wigoder, Clarissa, Hughes, Joanne & Hewstone, Miles (01.11.2017). Studying Positive and Negative Direct and Extended Contact - Complementing Self-Reports With Social Network Analysis. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 43 (11), (pp. 1566-1581) (16 p.).
van der Vleuten, Maaike, Jaspers, Eva, Maas, Ineke & van der Lippe, Tanja (2016). Boys’ and girls’ educational choices in secondary education - The role of gender ideology. Educational Studies, 42 (2), (pp. 181-200) (20 p.).
Coopmans, Manja, Jaspers, Eva & Lubbers, Marcel (2016). National day participation among immigrants in the Netherlands - the role of familiarity with commemorating and celebrating. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 42 (12), (pp. 1925-1940) (16 p.).
Jaspers, E. (2016). Values. Oxford Bibliographies in Sociology
Visser, Mark, Lubbers, Marcel, Kraaykamp, Gerbert & Jaspers, Eva (01.01.2014). Support for radical left ideologies in Europe. European Journal of Political Research, 53 (3), (pp. 541-558) (18 p.).
Immerzeel, T., Jaspers, E. & Lubbers, M. (2013). Religion as catalyst or restraint of radical right voting?. West European Politics, 36 (5), (pp. 946-968) (23 p.).
Jaspers, E. & Verbakel, E. (2013). The division of paid labor in same-sex couples in the Netherlands. Sex Roles: A Journal of Research, 68 (5), (pp. 335-348) (14 p.).
Visser, M., Jaspers, E. & Kraaykamp, G. (2012). Extreme politieke oriëntaties in Europa. Verklaringen op micro- en macroniveau. Mens en Maatschappij, 87 (3), (pp. 303-329) (27 p.).
Lubbers, M. & Jaspers, E. (2011). A longitudinal study of euro-skepticism in the Netherlands: 2008 versus 1990. European Union Politics, 12 (1), (pp. 20-41) (22 p.).
Vlaanderen, K., Brinkkemper, S., Jansen, R.L. & Jaspers, E. (2011). The Agile Requirements Refinery: Applying SCRUM Principles to Software Product Management. Information and Software Technology, 53 (1), (pp. 58-70) (13 p.). Vlaanderen2011e.
Verbakel, E. & Jaspers, E. (2010). A comparative study on permissiveness towards euthanasia: religiosity, slippery slope, autonomy, and death with dignity. Public Opinion Quarterly, 74 (1), (pp. 106-139) (34 p.).
Lubbers, M., Scheepers, P. & Jaspers, E. (2009). De dynamiek in het Nederlandse ver rechtse electoraat rond en na de eeuwwisseling. Migrantenstudies, 25 (3), (pp. 237-259) (23 p.).
Jaspers, E., van Londen, M. & Lubbers, M. (2009). Een longitudinale studie naar veranderde etnocentrische reacties in Nederland. Migrantenstudies, 25 (2), (pp. 106-127) (22 p.).
Jaspers, E., Lubbers, M. & de Graaf, N.D. (2009). Measuring once twice: An evaluation of recalling attitudes in survey research. European Sociological Review, 25 (3), (pp. 287-301) (15 p.).
Lubbers, M., Jaspers, E. & Ultee, W.C. (2009). Primary and secondary socialization impacts on support for same-sex marriage after legalization in the Netherlands. Journal of Family Issues, 30 (12), (pp. 1714-1745) (32 p.).
Jaspers, E., Lubbers, M. & de Vries, J (2008). Parents, children and the distance between them: long term socialization effects in the Netherlands. Journal of Comparative Family Studies, 39 (1), (pp. 39-53) (15 p.).
Jaspers, E., Lubbers, M. & de Graaf, N.D. (2007). ‘Horrors of Holland’: explaining attitude change toward euthanasia and homosexuals in the Netherlands, 1971-1998. International Journal of Public Opinion Research, 19 (4), (pp. 451-473) (23 p.).
  Book parts / chapters - Scholarly publications
Verbakel, E. & Jaspers, E. (2011). Fictie of feit: vooroordelen over homo's en lesbo's getoetst. In G. Kraaykamp, M. Levels & A. Need (Eds.), Problemen en theorieën in onderzoek. Een staalkaart van de hedendaagse Nederlandse empirisch-theoretische sociologie (pp. 261-277) (472 p.). Assen: Koninklijke Van Gorcum.
  Articles in volumes / proceedings - Scholarly publications
Vlaanderen, K., Brinkkemper, S., Jansen, S. & Jaspers, E. (01.09.2009). The Agile Requirements Refinery: Applying SCRUM Principles to Software Product Management. In S. Fricker & T. Gorschek (Eds.), Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on Software Product Management (pp. 1-10) (10 p.). Atlanta, GA, USA, International Workshop on Software Product Management.
  Reports - Professional publications
Roeters, A., Veerman, F. & Jaspers, E. (2017). Gelijk verdeeld? Een verkenning van de taakverdeling bij LHB-stellen. (49 p.). Den Haag: Sociaal en Cultureel Planbureau.
  Lectures - Other output
E. Jaspers (05.09.2009) Changes in Euro-scepticism in the Netherlands between 1990 and 2007
E. Jaspers (10.09.2009) Organizers of ‘Panel 101: The dynamics of voting behavior’
E. Jaspers () Attitude recall in surveys: possibilities and biases
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Research Grants: 

2013-2017   Research Talent Grant (NWO), PI with T. van der Lippe (€166.363)

2015-2018   Longitudinal Studies Grant (NWO), Co-I with. F. van Tubergen (€ 245,000).

2012-2014   Women in Management Research Grant from the Scientific Council of the Municipal

                 Administrative Offices, Co-I with T. Van der Lippe and I. Maas (€ 157,919).

2013-2016    Investment Grant (NWO), Co-I with. F. van Tubergen (€ 309,000).

2012-2016    Talent Scheme VENI grant (NWO), PI (€ 250,000).

2008           Female Talent Encouragement Award, RadboudUniversityNijmegen, (€ 18,000).


Main Research Interests:

Interethnic relations, contact and attitudes, Ethnic inequality, Immigration and Integration, Gender Roles, Gender Inequality, Same-sex Families

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Research Master Thesis Sociology and Social Research

Integration of ethnic minorities: between research and policy (MA)

Families (BA 3)

Organisations: Theory and Research (MA)

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Full name
dr. E. Jaspers Contact details
Sjoerd Groenmangebouw

Padualaan 14
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The Netherlands

Phone number (direct) +31 30 253 4481
Phone number (department) +31 30 253 2101
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