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Quick link to our regular events Science Jam (every other Thursday with lunch)

E.g., 03/18/2019
22 March 2019 11:40 - 13:00
The makers of Ocean Parcels together with the UU Support staff will explain how to transform your code into an inclusive software package for the community.
22 March 2019 15:00 - 17:00
Dr. Paola Monachesi and Dr. Meng Lu will give two specialist lectures on Machine Learning Applications in Social Media and Risk Assessment.
29 March 2019 11:40 - 13:00
Prof. Corina Brussaard (NIOZ/UvA) will introduce us to complex systems in marine biology.
12 April 2019 11:40 - 13:00
Prof. Rob Bisseling will present his C package Mondriaan for partitioning sparse matrices.
12 April 2019 15:00 - 17:00
Dr. Jelmer Woltering and Dr. Hugo Kuijf will give two specialist lectures on machine learning applications in Medical Imaging.