Software overview to study and analyse Complex Systems

This site will provide you with an overview of software packages that are available to study, model and analyse, complex systems. Complexity theory comprises a variety of concepts and techniques that can be applied to study a wide range of phenomena. On this page, the packages are organized by the type of modeling technique that they are designed for, such as agent-based models and cellular automata, networks, dynamical systems, machine learning, ...

For each package, you will find a separate page with information provided in a standard format: a (brief) introduction of what the package is designed for, some comments on its strength and weaknesses, (links to) download and installation instructions, documentation and tutorials and some basic working examples to help you get started with the package. Whenever possible, this is done by providing links to the official site of the package; only if that's not available, such information is added here. To reach the pages for the individual packages either browse through the overview by category below or follow the links to the left of this page.

Please note that this page is work in progress. Packages will be added over time. First, the focus is on software that was introduced during our CLUe training events in 2016-2019.