Henk Dijkstra at opening CLUe

The Complexity Laboratorium Utrecht (CLUe) aims to reduce the barriers of scientists to use concepts and techniques from Complexity Science by providing easy access to well-tested and well-documented modern complexity software. This gives complexity researchers additional tools to work together on overarching research questions and stimulates interaction among them. CLUe consists of (mobile) visualisation facilities, the CLUe website, the CLUe server, monthly CLUe training and bi-monthly CLUe lunch meetings. Please check the agenda for information on the upcoming CLUe events.


17 May 2017
The second Complex Systems Studies Workshop successfully attracted more than 60 researchers from different fields to work on the same topic - Networks.
10 February 2017
It provides hands-on tutorials on particular Complexity Science software/packages/numerical methods, which will be beneficial to your current or future studies.
30 November 2016
It successfully brought together more than 70 master students and researchers




E.g., 09/19/2017
29 September 2017 11:40 - 13:10
Prof. Sandra Chapman from the University of Warwick (UK) will show you dynamical networks characterization of natural data.