Complexity Lab Utrecht (CLUe)

Henk Dijkstra at opening CLUe

The Complexity Lab Utrecht (CLUe) aims to reduce the barriers among scientists by providing easy access to well-tested and well-documented state-of-the-art complexity software. Not only that, CLUe is a platform for stimulating interdisciplinary collaboration using the suite of complexity tools and approaches available within the Complexity Lab. CLUe consists of two main elements, the CLUe Server which hosts a constantly growing ecosystem of complexity software. Next to that, monthly CLUe training events provide researchers with an introduction on how to use these diverse software via the CLUe server. Please check the Centre for Complex Systems Studies agenda for information on the upcoming CLUe Training events.


18 June 2019
The new delay model will make it possible to calculate at any moment in time the likelihood of a severe disruption occurring.
26 April 2019
On April 26th, Bert de Vries discussed the role of complex systems science to unravel human interactions in sustainability research.
26 April 2019
In April - June, CCSS hosts 3 discussions on how complex system science can contribute towards solving big societal challenges.