Summer Schools

Complex Systems Studies summer school group 2017

Each year the Centre for Complex Systems Studies offers a summer school for students worldwide. Through courses, computer simulations and mini-projects, the students get an inspirational introduction to complex systems. The main aim is to show students how complex systems science is applied by Utrecht University researchers to challenging societal problems.

See for more information on Summer School Utrecht.

Aim of the course

  • i) to recognise complex systems related to societal, environmental, engineering and scientific problems and to learn their basic features;
  • ii) to introduce a complex systems way of thinking and analysis;
  • iii) to learn basic mathematical concepts and methods needed for complex system analysis, for example from dynamical systems theory and the theory of networks;
  • iv) to get hands-on experience in studying complex systems.

Study load

The course consists tutorial lectures and guest lectures from the broadest possible range of topics/fields/problems where complex systems play a role, as well as hands-on computer practice in the afternoons.

Preliminary programme of summer school 2023

Physical location: Utrecht University, Utrecht Science Park, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Lecture Room: CCSS living room (Centre for Complex System Studies), Minnaert building 4.16, Leuvenlaan 4, 3584 CE Utrecht
Practicals Room: Buys Ballot Building 103, Princetonplein 5, 3584 CC Utrecht
Dates: August 21-25, 2023
Coordinator: Dr. ­­Swinda Falkena

Monday August 21 - Introduction to Complex Systems

09:00-09:30 Welcome
09:30-11:15 Introduction to Complex Systems by Ammy Vogtlander
11:15-11:30 ~ Break ~
11:30-12:30 Introduction Lecture by Prof. dr. ir. Henk Dijkstra (part 1)
12:30-14:00 ~ Lunch Break ~
14:00-15:00 Introduction Lecture by Prof. dr. ir. Henk Dijkstra (part 2)
15:00-20:00 Canoe Excursion and Dinner

Tuesday August 22 - Feedback Processes & Emergence

09:30-11:45 Introduction Lecture by Prof. dr. ir. Max Rietkerk
12:00-13:30 ~ Lunch Break ~
13:30-14:30 Specialist Lecture on ‘Modelling Stochastic and Dynamic Complex Systems’ by Dr. Mihaela Mitici
14:30-14:45 ~ Break ~
14:45-17:00 Projects

Wednesday August 23 - Theory of Networks

09:30-11:45 Introduction Lecture by Dr. Deb Panja
12:00-13:30 ~ Lunch Break ~
13:30-14:30 Specialist Lecture on ‘Complex Systems Thinking in Sociology’ by Dr. Rense Corten
14:30-14:45 ~ Break ~
14:45-17:00 Projects

Thursday August 24 - Intervention & Adaptation

09:30-11:45 Introduction Lecture by Dr. Martin Bootsma
12:00-13:30 ~ Lunch Break ~
13:30-14:30 Specialist Lecture on ‘Endogeneous Dynamics and Resilience in the Financial System’ by Dr. Giulia Piccillo
14:30-14:45 ~ Break ~
14:45-17:00 Projects

Friday August 25 - Project Presentations

09:30-09:45 Welcome
09:45-10:45 Project Presentations by participants
10:45-11:00 ~ Break ~
11:00-12:00 Project Presentations by participants