CLUe server


The CLUe server provides an online working environment that hosts a constantly growing ecosystem of complexity software combined with powerful computational infratructure.  Users can upload their data to the server, run one of the available software products  and download results onto their local computer.

If you would like to learn how to use the CLUe Server, please come to one of our monthly CLUe training events where you will receive hands on training about how to run a specific software using the CLUe server.

New user? Please contact Frank van der Wiel and provide your Solis ID to register.

Command Line Interface via browser

How to connect to the CLUe server via internet browser 

If you have no experience with server , you can connect to the CLUe server from your browser via using your UU Solis ID (lowercase!) and your password. It allows you to test/debug your script before submitting it as a job. If your job is small, you can directly download the output file by typing UU Solis ID lowercase!) in the address line of your browser.

Download your output files via browser

Graphical User Interface

In general, if you want to see the graphical output directly, you have to connect to the CLUe server via SSH (please scroll down to see how). However, for certain programmes such as R-studio, which have web-enabled graphical user interfaces, you can have GUI directly in your internet browser. 

How to connect to the CLUe server via SSH

For Windows users:

  1.  start Xming (Xming download, Xming fonts download)
  2.  start PuTTY (SSH Client with support for X11 forwarding, PuTTY download)
  •     Host Name:
  •     Saved Sessions: clue
  •     Navigate to Connection--SSH-X11
  •     Enable X11 forwarding
  •     X display Location: localhost:0
  •     Navigate to Session and select Save
  •     Select clue and press open
  •     Login with your UU Solis ID (lowercase!) and password

For Mac users:

  1.  start XQuartz (XQuartz download)
  2.  start Terminal
  • in the terminal window type: ssh -Y (your UU Solis ID lowercase!)
  • accept authenticity of host
  • log in with your password

How to transfer files to the CLUe server

  • For Windows machines, the easiest way is to transfer files to the server is through WinSCP.
  • For Macs we recommend Filezilla.

These packages work in a similar way. Simply download the software, provide the server IP address and log in with your credentials. You can then easily swap files between your local machine and the server.

  • For linux machines use the command SCP which provides for secure data transfer between two hosts using SSH. 
  • You can also add jobs via the your browser using this link. However, this is currently only available for Python scripts.

The performance of the CLUe server

CLUe server performance screenshot