Young Complexity Researchers Utrecht (YCRU)

The Young Complexity Researchers Utrecht (YCRU) is a group of enthusiastic young researchers that is involved in many of the activities of the Centre for Complex Systems Studies. The members represent a wide range of disciplines and aims to bring together postdocs, PhD candidates and Master’s students regarding complex systems science. The group organizes workshops on varies topics, such as receiving feedback on your research and getting acquainted with different academic fields. The YCRU is also involved in the Summer School and other educational activities.

YCRU members:

  • Andrea di Benedetto, Physical Oceanography
    Faculty of Science
  • Elena Candellone, Methodology and Statistics
    Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
  • Jerry Chen, Theoretical Biology
    Faculty of Science & Faculty of Geosciences
  • Salome Kakhaia, Exposome Data Science and Disease Prediction 
    University Medical Center Utrecht (UMCU) & Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
  • Robert McDonald (vice chair 2024), Dynamics of Innovation Systems
    Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance & Faculty of Science
  • Niek Mooij (chair 2024), Mathematical Modeling 
    Faculty of Science & Faculty of Geosciences
  • Kyriacos Nicolaou, Biodynamics and Biocomplexity
    Faculty of Science
  • Tabea Sonnenschein, Urban Geography
    Faculty of Geosciences & Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
  • Myrthe WillemsenJulius Center, Department of Epidemiology & Health Economics
    University Medical Center Utrecht (UMCU)
  • Silja Zimmermann, Environmental Sciences
    Faculty of Geosciences & Faculty of Science
One of the YCRU meetings at the CCSS living room