External Members

Become an External Member of the Centre for Complex Systems Studies (CCSS)

Who is eligible?

Individuals outside Utrecht University (UU), who have an ongoing joint project with at least one of our CCSS members at UU (Associate Members or Junior Members) are invited  to apply for external membership of the CCSS. If you don’t have such a collaborator yet, you are still very welcome to attend any CCSS related activities (see our Calendar for more information) to find your potential collaborator(s) and develop a joint project.

How to apply?

The procedure is very straightforward. Simply email a short motivation letter (including the information of your CCSS member collaborator at UU and the joint project) and your CV to ccss@uu.nl, and the CCSS board will decide within one month.

What is the benefit?

The Centre is the physical hub for complexity activities at Utrecht University. As an external member, there is always a desk available at the CCSS. Our other facilities such as meeting and activity rooms are also available for use. Please check our website for more information.

What is the obligation?

There is no additional commitment expected from an external member, but you are very much encouraged to participate in CCSS activities. See our Calendar for more information.

What is the participation framework?

External members remain employed at their own positions and the CCSS will not provide any financial compensation for the participation in CCSS activities.

Each scientific proposal (e.g. to NWO) which originates from discussions/activities at the CCSS and which is led by a CCSS member (Associate Members, Junior Members or External Members) as principal investigator (PI) will be submitted through the academic institute of this PI. If possible, additional material budget will be claimed in the proposal for the CCSS (as the member participates in the CCSS); this part of the material budget will then flow into the CCSS. Papers resulting from the funded project(s) will have the CCSS as one of the affiliations of the author who is the CCSS member.

Current External Members