Structural Biochemistry

Corrsight electron microscope

The Structural Biochemistry section aims at a precise biochemical understanding of chemical and biological processes in cells and tissue that are enabled by proteins. Key to our research is the determination of three-dimensional structures of proteins and the different complexes in the cell in different conditions. To this end we apply and develop cryo-electron microscopy and X-ray crystallographic methods, which we combine with protein biochemistry and biophysics, cell biology and computational structural biology approaches. 

X-ray diffractometer

The lab features dedicated crystallization and protein purification labs as well as in-house X-ray diffraction meters and cryo-electron microscopes. We also have regular access to the microscopes at the Netherlands Center for Electron Nanoscopy (NeCEN) and various European synchotron facilities such as ESRF in Grenoble and Diamond near Oxford.


The group focuses on processes in mammalian cells that are of high biological and biomedical relevance, such as the biogenesis and quality control of proteins, protein-mediated fusion of cellular membranes, proteins in neuronal development, and activation of the proteins of the human complement system. For more detailed information visit our research pages:

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