Group leaders

  • Assistant Professor
  • The use of chemical proteomics strategies to study protein lipidation and small molecule drug interactions
  • We develop and apply magnetic resonance-based approaches to unravel complex molecular systems in vitr0, in situ & in vivo.
  • The computational structural biology group develops bioinformatics and computational approaches to predict and model biomolecular interactions at atomic level.
  • Masters Coordinator Bioinformatics and Biocomplexity; UIPS DI PhD programme coordinator; Bioinformatics in the field of Proteomics Research
  • Understanding of molecular mechanisms based on 3D protein structures by cryo-EM and crystallography
  • Research interests are in technology development for proteomics and mass spectrometry applied to immunology and pharmaceutics
  • Assistant Professor
  • We use correlative light and electron microscopy to study cellular stress responses and cytoskeleton structures.
  • Assistant Professor
  • The van Ingen team uses modern NMR methods to investigate the molecular basis of chromatin function
  • The Janssen lab uses structural biology, biophysical and cellular techniques to disentangle intercellular signaling and adhesion mechanisms in our tissues.
  • Associate Professor
  • We investigate the mechanisms governing membrane lipid homeostasis in the reference eukaryote S. cerevisiae.
  • External Cooperation Coordinator
  • Crystal structure determinations of small-molecular and macromolecular compounds
  • Professor
    Head of Department
  • Protein damage control: new molecular strategies for protein aggregation diseases such as Alzheimer or Huntington, exploiting the cellular chaperone machinery
  • Associate Professor
  • The Scheltema lab develops structural proteomics techniques and applies them to uncover structural details for protein complexes relevant to health&disease.
  • Assistant Professor
  • My lab studies the molecular mechanisms of protein aggregation in vivo using the model organism C. elegans
  • Assistant Professor
  • We study virus-host interactions with structural proteomics techniques
  • Researcher
    Assistant Professor
  • My research applies innovative mass spectrometry approaches to understand protein regulation in cancer, with a focus on immune-tumor cell signaling
  • Cellular structural biology of fertilization: our group combines cryo-electron microscopy with light microcopy to unravel the molecular basis of fertilization