Group leaders

  • The computational structural biology group develops bioinformatics and computational approaches to predict and model biomolecular interactions at atomic level.
  • I am a structural biochemist and innovate cryo-EM approaches to study the biogenesis and quality control of proteins at cellular membranes
  • The Janssen lab uses structural biology, biophysical and cellular techniques to disentangle intercellular signaling and adhesion mechanisms in our tissues.
  • Assistant Professor
  • The activity of cold atmospheric plasma and reactive oxygen species on cell membranes and its components
  • Associate Professor
  • Protein damage control: new molecular strategies for protein aggregation diseases such as Alzheimer or Huntington, exploiting the cellular chaperone machinery
  • Assistant Professor
  • The Scheltema lab develops structural proteomics techniques and applies them to uncover structural details for protein complexes relevant to health&disease.