MSc in Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences

Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences

Our two-year Master’s programme Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences (MCLS), which is part of the Graduate School of Life Sciences at Utrecht University, is research oriented and takes a multidisciplinary approach to molecules and cells. The acquired broad knowledge will be translated into novel technologies solving societal problems, such as cancer, diabetes, plant growth, thereby creating industrial innovations in biotechnology. The programme is jointly organized by the Bijvoet Centre and the Department of Biology.

Are you interested in studying biomolecules from a chemistry, biology, physics and/or biomedical point of view? The interplay of biomolecules in cells and organisms play a central role in this programme. In order to find the cure for a disease you must first know what’s wrong with the molecule that causes the disease. And once we know the cause: how can we repair this by another molecule?

Within this programme you will acquire extensive knowledge and skills of genomics, proteomics, molecular interactions, cell signaling, membrane biogenesis and sorting, intracellular transport mechanisms and computational biology. This acquired knowledge offers solutions to problems in the biomedical field but also in the field of plant biology, biotechnology (i.e. industrial enzymes for biofuels) and nanotechnology (i.e. nanoparticles in medicin).

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MSc in Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences