PhD in Molecular Life Sciences

Our PhD programme Molecular Life Sciences, which is part of the Graduate School of Life Sciences at Utrecht University aims to provide PhD candidates with a solid and broad knowledge of structural biology, and biochemistry. The programme organizes course on several technologies used in structural biology. Scientists from all over the world are invited to present their research in the Bijvoet Seminar series, organized to expose the PhD candidates in the programme to research performed in the wider scientific community.

All PhD candidates in the MLS programme are also expected to attend the PhD evenings which are organized by the PhD platform of the Bijvoet School, which represents all MLS PhD candidates. At these occasions PhD candidates or postdocs from the Bijvoet School present their work to each other and often these lectures are followed by an informal dinner to enhance social cohesion between the different research groups.

Finally, one of the highlights in the programme is the yearly Bijvoet Tutorial Symposium. This symposium presents Bijvoet PhD candidates with an opportunity to present their research and always features renowned international speakers in the field of structural biology.

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PhD in Molecular Life Sciences