12 January 2018
The European Commission had appointed Prof. Madeleine de Cock Buning of Utrecht University to chair the new High-Level Expert Group on fake news.
Student met aziatisch uiterlijk in een Nederlandse collegezaal
4 January 2018
By doing courses via INclUUsion, several refugees have already been admitted to full master's programmes educated by Dutch universities.
Training Mexican officials with Tanja van Veldhuizen
12 December 2017
Post-doc researcher Tanja van Veldhuizen provided a training on evidence assessment in asylum cases to Mexican officials.
Illustration MOOC
7 December 2017
Utrecht University launches again the MOOC 'Human Rights for Open Societies - An Introduction into the European Convention on Human Rights'.
Prof. dr. Marijk van der Wende.
1 November 2017
On 1 November 2017, Prof Marijk van der Wende was appointed Distinguished Professor at the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance.