Utrecht University team will represent the Netherlands in Telders International Moot Court Competition 2024

On Friday 26 April 2024, the team representing Utrecht University won the Dutch National Round of the 46th Telders International Moot Court Competition, organised by Leiden University. The team of four LLM students, coached by dr. Alexandra Hofer (Assistant Professor in Public International Law) and Louisa Handel-Mazzetti (Lecturer in Public International Law) hereby qualified for the international rounds, which will take place end of May 2024 at the Peace Palace.

This year, the case addresses a dispute involving three States with a history centered on colonialism and sovereignty claims over the island of Hemret. This dispute has escalated into a serious conflict among the parties involved. The Case concerning the Island of Hemret presents teams with the challenge of formulating arguments on a diverse array of deeply divisive legal claims.

Anna Zimmermann and Ajatshatru Bhattacharya, representing the fictious respondent the Republic of Misan, started the day arguing with great vigor that the Case was not admissible due to the sovereigty dispute, and even if, that no unlawful force had been used and that countermeasures were unlawful. After succesfully completing this session, Elodie Poncin and Irina Tsoy, representing the applicant the Republic of Dihav, argued with passion and poise that the Republic of Dihav had become the victim of force and repression.

Students Anna Zimmermann, Ajatshatru Bhattacharya, Elodie Poncin and Irina Tsoy, with in their midst Alexandra Hofer and Louisa Handel-Mazzetti

More about the competition, on the Leiden University website: Telders International Law Moot Court Competition