Public International Law (PIL) Luncheon

The Public International Law (PIL) luncheons constitute a series of informal lunch time talks during which a broad spectrum of subjects related to public international law are discussed. The purpose of the luncheons is to provide a platform for those who are interested to enter into discussion on topics related to public international law. These topics can also be only loosely related to international law or even concern international relations.

The luncheons usually take place monthly, yet depending on the availability of speakers and data, two luncheons may also take place in one month or only one luncheon in two months. They usually start at noon or 13:00 hrs and last an hour.

All visiting or “in-house” researchers, lecturers, professors, PhDs and post-docs are invited to present a paper or a part of their research that they want to share, either to prepare for an upcoming conference or simply to share something they would like to receive input on. Academic researchers from other universities and practitioners from the field are also warmly invited to present during a luncheon.

The target audience is the faculty staff, but all others who are interested in topics relating to public international law are also invited to attend the PIL luncheons, such as PIL LLM students and practitioners. The luncheons are advertised through the university website, Blackboard and LinkedIn.

Format of the one-hour luncheons: 

  • The invited speaker presents his/her work for about 30-40 minutes

  • In the remaining 20 or 30 minutes, there is room to ask questions to the speaker or to make remarks/comments to the presentation

  • It is also possible for a co-discussant to complement the presentation of the main speaker and to add his/her views on the topic. In that case, the allocated time for the speaker and the co-discussant might exceed the above-mentioned time limits

  • Attendees may bring their own lunch

PIL luncheons are open to all interested colleagues, students and people from outside the academic field. Registration is not required. 

Suggested ideas for future luncheons are very welcome. Please contact the organizers:

For upcoming Public International Law (PIL) luncheons, check the event calendar of the faculty of Law, Economics and Governance:

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