About the Faculty Club

The Faculty Club was founded on 17 November 1998 for employees and alumni of Utrecht University. The club was founded in the image of British and American universities, and has a clear mission as the living room of Utrecht University: to improve the mutual connection between the members of the Utrecht academic community.

Living Room for inspiring meetings

The Faculty Club has been a popular meeting place for alumni and staff and their guests for many years. Sparkling gastronomy, pleasant social activities, substantive debates and a beautiful hidden courtyard garden contribute greatly to this. As the university's 'living room', the Faculty Club is a place for meeting, sharing knowledge, connecting and inspiring. A place where live music, debate evenings and special meetings alternate and where you can catch your breath in the beautiful courtyard garden. But also a place for a good conversation with a supervisor, a culinary meal or an hour of recharging between two appointments in the city. The Faculty Club is located at the rear of the Academy Building in the middle of the city centre of Utrecht, where the only sound you hear from the terrace is the chiming of the Dom bells. 

The Faculty Club has more than 4,000 members. The majority are employees of Utrecht University or University Medical Center Utrecht. Besides them, many Utrecht alumni are members of the Faculty Club as well.

We would love to welcome you to the Utrecht Faculty Club!

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