• Events

    • Faculty Club - Trilogy of the Rule of Law part 2

      The rule of law and Europe - ahead of the European elections. During Part 2 of the Rule of Law Trilogy, we turn our attention to the rule of law and Europe.
    • Faculty Club Happy Hour June with Shared Dining dinner

      On Thursday, June 6, the Faculty Club will be the festival heart of Utrecht University's Sharing Days. Therefore, we will organize an extra festive Happy Hour and afterwards you can enjoy a dinner with delicious dishes, of course shared dining.
    • Faculty Club - Midsummernight Party

      Inspiration, meeting and live music! During the annual Midsummernight Party, we celebrate the shortest night of the year together in the Faculty Club garden.
    • Faculty Club - Book Club

      If you love to read and enjoy discussing your book with like-minded people, then the Faculty Book Club might be for you.
    • Faculty Club - Return Kapittelavonden

      On July 1, the "Kapittelavonden" return to the Faculty Club. Led by Beatrice de Graaf and Leonard Rutgers and with an introduction by James Kennedy, we will discuss the topic of freedom of expression and collectively shape the agenda for a new series of Chapter evenings.
    • Faculty Club - Pop-up Botanical Gardens

      De Faculty Club gaat weer op reis en dit keer belanden we in de Botanische Tuinen.
Huiskamer Faculty Club
Happy Hour at the Faculty Club