The Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies coordinates various Bachelor's and Master's programmes, amongst which are three interdisciplinary Bachelors.

The education is organised in two schools: the School of Philosophy and Religious Studies and the School of Liberal Arts. The first coordinates the programmes in the field of philosophy and religious studies. The latter coordinates the broad Bachelor's programmes Liberal Arts and Sciences and Language and Culture Studies.

The Research Master Philosophy is coordinated by the Research Institute for Philosophy and Religious Studies.

Exchange students

Information on courses for exchange students is available at the International Office.

Summer School

The Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies offers the following Utrecht Summer School courses: Value Pluralism and Religion in the World: Beyond the Secular Paradigm.

The Master in Philosophy has provided me with a good background in analytic philosophy and taught me skills like clear writing, presenting, analysing texts, and (re)constructing arguments.

Religious Studies

Research Master's programme Religious Studies

Liberal Arts and Sciences

'Educating Interdisciplinarians'