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Explore fundamental philosophical issues and their history 

Do you have a strong desire to sharpen and clarify the loose arguments and vague concepts we all encounter in newspaper articles, textbook readings and everyday conversations? Are you as interested in questioning answers as answering questions? 

The research Master in Philosophy is a challenging, two-year, research-oriented programme that prepares you to participate in the current debates in the international philosophical community and to develop your own research contributions to the field.

A solid foundation plus specialised knowledge

The programme combines an advanced grounding in the core themes and texts of philosophy with ample opportunity and flexibility for specialisation. Through elective seminars, specialised tutorials, and seminars at other universities in the Netherlands or abroad, you will have the opportunity to dive into issues, methods, and philosophers that are central to your own research project.

Active research community

Moreover, since you will conduct your research in an active research community of postdocs, PhD researchers, and senior staff, you will gain hands-on experience as a researcher and participant in current international discussions in philosophy. 

Developing your career plans

During this research Master’s programme, you will develop the knowledge and skills to participate in the international research community in philosophy. Our course content offers high standards of analytical rigor, conceptual clarity, expressive precision, compelling argumentation, and historical perspective. We offer guidance and advice on developing your career plans. You also have the possibility of doing a research internship.

After graduation

Philosophers can be found in a surprisingly wide range of careers, from journalism and politics to banking and consulting. Those who go on to do a PhD in Philosophy can pursue numerous different roles that professional philosophers play in society. 


Philosophy is a selective research Master’s programme. Do you want to know if you are eligible for this Master?

Utrecht goes to Venice
Prof. Mauro Bonazzi and Prof. Paul Ziche of Utrecht University in Princess Europe by Camille Lotteau

Princesse Europe, a movie by the French director Camille Lotteau, was presented at the Venice Film Festival, in September 2020. In it, two of our professors appear by playing the part of themselves.

This clip gives you an idea of what is philosophy in our programme: an ongoing discussion, based upon doing research together, in the classroom, but also beyond, in cafés and museums, and in cooperation with other disciplines.

  • Profile picture Chiara Cecconi, alumna RMA Philosophy
    "The research Master’s programme provided me with the theoretical means necessary to develop my own line of research."
  • Profile picture Samuel Mulkens, alumnus RMA Philosophy
    " I chose the RMA programme because I loved to deep dive into and analyse arguments/texts, and I enjoyed the academic environment in Utrecht."


Degree: This Master's programme is officially registered under its name in the Central Register of Higher Education Study Programmes
  • Title: MA
  • Master's degree in: Philosophy (research)
  • Programme: Philosophy
Accredited by the NVAO
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Part- or full-time status:
2 years
Credits: 60 credits equals one year full-time study load (European Credit Transfer System, ECTS)
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  • Dutch & EU/EER students: 1 June
  • Non-EU/EEA students: 1 April
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