Sharing Knowledge

Utrecht University's philosophers and religious scientists are deployed as advisers, researchers or lecturers on many social, political and economic issues. Philosophers clarify the structure in projects and map assumptions, because they ask the questions others ignore. Looking for a reliable and objective source on religion past and present? Then our religion scholars are available. Both philosophers and religious scientists regularly give lectures on their projects, provide training for professionals and take seats on advisory committees and sounding board groups.

Utrecht Philosophical Café

Every month the Philosophical Café (in Dutch) takes place in Utrecht, at Café De Tussentijd on Janskerkhof 24. Philosophers from Dutch and sometimes international universities talk about their research at the Philosophical Café and engage in conversation with those present. Topics range from free will to melancholy and from technology to climate ethics.

Utrecht Religion Forum

The Utrecht Religion Forum (in Dutch) organises lectures, debate evenings and panel discussions for a wide audience. In these low-threshold lectures, our religious scholars talk about their recent research results, with themes ranging from Islam to Buddhism, from Zimbabwe to Sweden, from anthropological fieldwork to scriptural studies: all sorts of things pass by. If you would like to propose a theme for one of our debate evenings or are looking for a tailor-made workshop or course, please contact Erik Meinema (

In the media

Utrecht philosophers and religious scholars are regular contributors on topical issues to newspapers, magazines, television and radio programmes and blogs (including Bij Nader Inzien, Sociale Vraagstukken, Crooked Timber, Religious Matters, Utrecht Religion Forum, Beyond Sharia).