US Federal Loans

In brief

Eligible candidates

U.S. citizens who are registered with the selective service, who are attending a participating school, working towards a degree and making satisfactory academic progress are eligible.  More information about Satisfactory Academic Progress (pdf, 109 kB)

Average amount of loan

Dependent on personal financial situation and study level.

Provided by

US Federal Government.

Application procedure

Utrecht University is certified for Federal Direct and PLUS loans. Please visit the Federal Student Aid website for a general explanation of the application procedure or use the  Federal Student Aid application form. The Federal School Code for Utrecht University is G22095 and is listed under foreign schools. Please note that the application procedure for foreign schools is somewhat different. We have designed a  US Loans Student Guide (pdf, 378 kB) to provide you with important information about financial aid and eligibility.

Contact us

Unfortunately we do not receive any automatic messages telling us that you have applied for one of the loans. You will have to contact us yourself after you have filed your Student Aid Report with FAFSA to inform us that you wish to take out a loan. You can do so by sending an e-mail to Please, be aware that we ensure the disbursement of your loan in September if you reach out to us by 15 June. Should you contact us after this date, we will still process your loan application, though we cannot guarantee it will be disbursed in September. In this case, you will need to arrange tuition fees independently.


  • April – 15 June: inform us that you wish to take out loans
  • June: determination of eligibility and certification of loans by Utrecht University
  • August: you will receive an award letter with information about your certified loans and the terms and conditions
  • September: first Disbursement after deduction of tuition fee
  • February: second Disbursement after deduction of tuition fee

Policies and student guides