Tuition Fees

Are you paying statutory tuition fees for the first time for a Bachelor's degree or a programme in teaching in 2023-2024? In that case, the tuition fees will be halved. Check the conditions on the website of the Government of the Netherlands.

The government intends to stop halving the tuition fees from the academic year 2024-2025

(Non)-EU/EEA student

In the Netherlands, there are two types of tuition fee: the statutory tuition fee and the institutional tuition fee. Depending on your situation, one of the two fees applies to you:

Full-time EU/EEA, Surinamese or Swiss students
(statutory tuition fee)
€ 2314€ 2530
Part-time EU/EEA, Surinamese or Swiss students
(statutory tuition fee)
€ 2056€ 2248
Non-EU/EEA students
(institutional tuition fee)*
Institutional Fee (pdf)Institutional Fee (pdf)

Please note that as a non-EU/EEA student, you are eligible for the statutory fee if you:

  • receive a UAF grant (for refugee students in the Netherlands), or if you
  • meet the nationality requirement for a government study grant from DUO.

Special situations

There are a several situations in which the required tuition fee differs from the fees above:

  • You have already obtained a similar degree from a Dutch institute of higher education (after 1 September 1991). Read more below.
  • You have enrolled for only part of the academic year. Contact Student Services for more information.
  • If you have already paid the statutory tuition fee to another higher education institution in the Netherlands for the same academic year, you may be eligible for a reduction of the tuition fee at Utrecht University. Contact Student Services for more information.
  • Students of Ukrainian nationality are liable to pay the institutional fee. However, they can apply for a waiver for the non-statutory part of the tuition fee. In the application procedure, students who are admissible will receive further information on this.

Students with a Dutch degree

Utrecht University is required to determine the tuition fees for students who have already obtained a degree from a government-funded Dutch university or university of applied sciences (hogeschool) after 1 September 1991. This means that if you have already obtained a master’s degree or a similar degree from a Dutch higher education institution after 1 September 1991, and you wish to enrol in a second master’s programme, you must pay the institutional tuition fee. As an EU/EEA, Surinamese or Swiss student, you must pay the EU/EEA institutional fee. As a non-EU/EEA student, you must pay the non-EU/EEA institutional fee. 

Special situations

There is an exception for degrees in the fields of education and health: a first degree in one of these fields may result in eligibility for the statutory fee, even if it is the student’s second degree. To find out which programmes fall into these categories, please consult the CROHO-register. Contact Student Service/The International Office for more information.

A special allowance has been made for students who started or will start their second programme before finishing their first programme.

Did you not already obtain a Master's degree from another Dutch university or university of applied science? And do you complete your first Master’s programme in academic year 2022-2023 or 2023-2024 at Utrecht University (having paid statutory tuition fees) and are you starting a second Master’s programme at Utrecht University in academic year 2023-2024? In that case you pay the institutional tuition fees equal to the statutory tuition fees, provided you stay enrolled for the second Master's programme. Should you terminate your enrolment for the second programme, this exception no longer applies. 

Please note: the institutional fee applies if you are registered for a second master’s with the same CROHO code. Contact your faculty or check the online CROHO index to determine the CROHO code of your master’s programme.