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What makes Utrecht University special? Founded in 1636 and located in the heart of the Netherlands, Utrecht University is one of Europe's leading research universities. It is recognised internationally for its high-quality, innovative approach to research and teaching.

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As an international student, you’ll be in good company at Utrecht University. Every year, around 1,500 international students come to the university to join English-taught degree programmes and other courses. Students work and study closely together and learn to operate in an international environment from the outset. This is an essential skill for scientists and scholars in our increasingly globalised world.

Code of conduct

Utrecht University has signed the Dutch Code of Conduct for international students, which guarantees proper recruitment, selection and coaching of international students.

About our reputation

About reputation

The Nobel Prize is the most prestigious prize in science. The prize, which was first awarded in 1901, has been awarded to twelve Utrecht scholars: G. ‘t Hooft, M.J.G. Veltman, P.J. Crutzen, N. Bloembergen, T.C. Koopmans, L.S. Ruzicka, P. Debye, C. Eijkman, R. Magnus, W. Einthoven, W.C. Röntgen and J.H. van ‘t Hoff.

Students and Programmes

Students and Programmes

We have over 39,000 students from 110 countries. In 2022, these included 9,946 1st year students and 5,785 international students.

We offer 156 graduate programmes, 109 of which are taught in English. This represents the widest range of English-taught graduate programmes in the Netherlands.